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Captain Buster Gillis

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I have been offshore charter fishing in excess of 45 years. My previous vessel was the Seahawk III, a 35 foot Harris based in Holden Beach, NC. The price of fuel has gone so far through the roof, the government has slowly chipped away at our fishing seasons and I am just flat getting a little long in the tooth for the offshore game. So I decided to charter for the other things I love to do. Hunting and inshore fishing. I have been hunting/inshore/freshwater fishing here in Brunswick County just about my whole life.

For me this is what it is all about. I enjoy seeing people, especially kids, learn to hunt and fish and be able to bring them home for dinner or shoot game for the table. When I was 6 years old I was taught how to hunt and fish and I was able to teach my son these things when he was about the same age. I feel I have taught a lot of kids to enjoy hunting and fishing and hope that they will do the same for others, both adults and children. It is so worthwhile for me to see someone do something that they thought they probably couldn’t do. Their faces shows it all when they do it, if it’s catching a nice fish or hunting a squirrel or deer and coming back satisfied and happy with their selves. This is what it is all about!! Even if you don’t get a fish or deer you are out in nature and can see and hear all God has created!

Captain Buster Gillis