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Hi  you all:

We  have a new website, thanks to Brett Neville at Cape Fear Design.   Hope everyone is doing good and staying well during this virus that is going around. It looks like it is going to destroy the turkey season. I had 14 turkey hunts booked, all which I have canceled due to the state shut down.  It has already caused me to lose 6 trout fishing trips also. But they say it will end soon, I sure hope so, never would have though this is something that would ever go around the world  and kill so many people. Like I said sure hope it is over and things get back to the old normal.

We hope the up coming turkey season is not affected by what’s going on now. Flounder is going to open Aug  16th and stay in till Sept 30th. That is only 46 days for us to keep flounder. If interested in fishing for keeper flounder just call and book a trip.  It should be a good season, the flounder have been biting all winter this year due to the warm water

I will be doing several fishing and hunting reports as the seasons open up.

Hope to see all of you this season out on the water.